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"I’ve never seen my son so excited and eager to attend anything. He was super pumped and excited and sad to see it end. I’m super impressed by what he learned in his first Code Camp! We'll be back!"

Sandra McGaw  July 7, 2018

Everything your school needs to deliver brilliant,
fun & creative after school coding classes

After teaching more than 40,000 kids to code and build apps at Code Camp, we've reinvented after school coding classes.
Schools - we'll provide you with everything you need; simple-to-use software, student handbooks, creative and challenging syllabus, live teacher support and more, so you can run your very own coding classes that your students will love, and your parents will rave about.

At the same time, we're going to up-skill your teaching staff, and make you money!

Creative & educational after school coding

We'll up-skill your passionate teachers

Additional revenue for your school

Proprietary software, training, lesson plans and live support

Happy kids,
engaged parents!

Challenges and competitions

Run your very own after school coding classes that your students will love, and your parents will rave about. Get started today

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Creativity, logic, problem solving & fun!

Each student (ages 7-14) can work at their own pace:

Being creative
Block coding
Digital storytelling
Creating apps
Learning to code
Problem solving
3D coding
Continue on at home!

We're on a mission to inspire and empower kids to
become magical creators with tech, not just consumers

We've worked with more than 200 brilliant
schools in Australia, England & the USA

After teaching 40,000 kids to code face-to-face, we've perfected the art and magic of teaching kids to code - and we're now sharing our secrets with you. Welcome to our stress-free after school solution; a box of tools and software, combined with live professional support, to empower and equip your school to be at the forefront of teaching coding, creativity, problem solving, and the skills of the future:

Code Camp World software

Device agnostic: PCs, Macs, iPads,
Chromebooks or other tablets

7-12 year olds,
beginners to advanced

Step-by-step student
lessons and tutorials

Block coding, to JavaScript, to HTML & CSS

NEW: Code your own VR & AR!

Teacher training
& live support

Engagement & collaboration

Challenges, competitions,
& continue on at home

Let's chat about you running Code Camp after school at your school!

Simple pricing, guaranteed success

Start your own Code Camp class today. We'll up-skill your staff, and provide the software, resources and support to
guarantee you that you'll deliver brilliant and engaging after school classes that your kids and parents will rave about.

Let's quickly discuss finances:  We'll provide everything you need for only $99 per student.
i.e. If you're charging $35 per after school session, your parents have paid for their subscription within their child's first 3 weeks.
Code Camp truly is the simplest way to deliver incredible results, while keeping your bursar incredibly happy!

That includes all the software, workbooks and resources to code with 2D, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Web!!

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• Profit after Code Camp subscription fees, but excluding any additional staff pay
• Price excludes sales tax

All you need to provide is a passionate teacher, students, wifi and devices (Mac, PC, Chromebook or tablets)

A new world of after school coding - enquire today!

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Parents, kids & schools rave about Code Camp!

"My daughter loved her code camp and will be back for more.. The experience was great, teachers were fantastic and the follow up emails with more activities has been unbelievable.."

father from Sydney Australia
"Code Camp at our school's Summer Camp has been a huge success. Kids have been engaged, had fun, learned a lot - and our parents have been excited to see what their kids have been creating and coding each day."

Jodie Steel
Sydney, Australia
My son went to Blast 3D and, after the first day he was dragging me out of bed each morning to get there early for the doors opening. Like many kids activities this one was not cheap. The end result is far and away the best programming teaching environment I have ever seen. Seriously now my primary school child can program in javascript."

Jeffrey Graham,
father from Melbourne Australia

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